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New Balance 843 - What are New Balance 843 Shoes?

size walking feature technology

New Balance 843 shoes are a high end model of performance walking shoes made by the New Balance company. New Balance 843 shoes are designed for all day comfort and feature ABZORB, ROLLBAR, and Walking Strike Path outsole technologies. These shoes are one of the New Balance company’s best-selling models of shoe.

New Balance 843 shoes are available in both women’s and men’s styles and sizes. These shoes are available in full and half sizes from size 6 through size 13, and in full sizes from size 13 through size 18. Available widths range from 2A extra narrow, B narrow, D medium, 2E wide, 4E extra wide, and 6E double extra wide. The New Balance 843 may tend to run small, so current wearers recommend consumers purchase a shoe that is half a size larger than one’s regular shoe size. New Balance 843 shoes come in several colors, including white, grey, and black, as well as a pink ribbon design for Breast Cancer Awareness.

New Balance 843 shoes feature a full ABZORB insert. ABZORB technology in the forefoot and heel of New Balance 843 shoes provides exceptional shock absorption. ABZORB technology incorporates extra cushioning between the bottom of the wearer’s foot and the sole of the shoe, ensuring advanced shock absorption to the forefoot and heel areas of the foot.

ROLLBAR technology comes standard on the New Balance 843. ROLLBAR technology incorporates medial and lateral TPU posts and graphite construction for ultimate motion and pronation control. Accurate pronation control helps the wearer avoid rolling his or her ankles, thus helping to prevent injuries to the ankle. ROLLBAR technology is comparable to how the roll cage in an SUV prevents the vehicle from crushing inwards in the event of an accident.

New Balance 843 shoes feature the Walking Strike Path outsole. This feature helps to encourage the wearer to maintain good walking posture and gait, stabilizing the feet throughout the walking/gait cycle. The Walking Strike Path feature encourages good walking habits, helping to reduce the stress incorrect walking posture can have on the legs and lower body. The special rubber outsole provides slip resistance in wet weather conditions and is non-marking on floors.

New Balance 843 shoes are comfortable, durable shoes that consumers attest will last for years. These shoes feature a stretch eyerow to provide a custom fit for the consumer, and a synthetic/mesh upper that offers lightweight support. The shoes provide rearfoot stability and forefoot flexibility through a 2 density strobel sock.

The price range of New Balance 843 shoes ranges from approximately $40.00 USD to $120.00 USD. Pricing depends on the size of the shoe, the size and width combination of the shoe and how many of each size/width are available, the color of the shoe, and where the shoe is purchased. Purchasing the shoe online is recommended, as online prices tend to be lower due to the competitive selling environment provided by the Internet.

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over 1 year ago

Where can I purchase NB 843, 6-1/2 E width.
St. Louis, MO. or on line.
Cannot find on line.