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Cell Phone Face Plates - How To Select Cell Phone Face Plates For Protection And Style

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Face plates, also commonly spelled faceplates, are hard or soft coverings that are placed over a cellphone for protection and aesthetics. Face plates can be made of plastic, rubber, or metal, depending on the degree of durability and style that the cellphone owner prefers. While a cell phone face plate can easily make a phone stylish and personalized, they are a great idea for those that are constantly on the go and need their cell phone to be able to withstand the occasional bump or fall.

Cell Phone Face Plates: Which Styles Offer The Best Protection?

Most phone retailers offer face plates that fit almost any cell phone model currently available. From Blackberries, to iPhones, to Samsungs, there are a wide variety of face plates that are specifically made to enhance and protect the cell phone models that these retailers offer.

Currently, cell phone face plates are generally offered in three different categories. These categories are cases, cell phone covers, and skins. Cases refer to face plates that encompass an entire cell phone and offer the most protection. Cell phone covers encompass most of a cell phone, yet generally leave the screen unprotected. Skins offer the least protection and are usually in the form of a colorful or otherwise stylized sticker that can be placed on a cell phone in order to enhance it’s appearance. For the most protection, cell phone owners should choose a case or cover, as both of these options will offer the phone protection against a fall or bump, and even offer some protection against water damage.

Many retailers offer very stylish cell phone face plates to choose from. These face plates can be purchased online, directly through the cell phone carrier, or in a variety of stores and kiosks at most local shopping malls and markets. Additionally, for those that are interested in really personalizing their cell phone, many retailers offer the option of having a cell phone face plate made that bears the image of the customer’s choosing. This allows cell phone owners the option to proudly showcase their pet, child, favorite artwork or musician, or really anything that helps define their personality.

How To Save Money On Cell Phone Face Plates?

To save money on cell phone face plates, it may be a good idea to purchase these face plates online or in bulk. Many online retailers, like Amazon or Ebay, offer cell phone face plates at much reduced prices. In addition, when purchasing face plates, customers may save money when purchasing these face plates in packs, instead of individually. Not only does this allow the cell phone owner to save money, but it gives them the option of changing the look of their cell phone as they see fit. Cell phone face plates are not only popular, but they are a practical way to lengthen the life of your mobile phone, while customizing the phone to fit your style.

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