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Portable Swimming Pools - Finding the best portable swimming pools online

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With the summer months and blistering heat, it seems that sometimes the only way to escape the weather is diving into a cool, clear swimming pool. However, the costs of owning and maintaining a pool sometimes outweigh the benefits. Many homeowners ultimately pay thousands of dollars more to resurface, refill, and maintain swimming pools installed in-ground. However, the latest trend in backyard design is portable swimming pools. They have all the benefits of in-ground pools, cost less, and only take about an hour to put together and install.

Portable swimming pools are generally less expensive than in-ground pools while still providing all the benefits of a regular pool. Set-up usually takes about an hour, not counting the time to fill the pool, and assembly only consists of a couple major parts. The majority of the customization and assembly is done by the manufacturer, and many manufacturers offer custom-designed pools to perfectly fit your backyard. For example, some homes have extremely narrow backyards, in which case a portable swimming pool can be designed to literally wind around the home. There is generally no set-up, unless you wish to place the pool slightly in the ground. During the winter, the pool can either be ‘winterized’ or taken down. Winterizing consists of only removing the pump, hoses, and any accessories, then placing a cover over the top. Most pools don’t even require draining.

There are many portable swimming pool manufacturers and providers. Any search engine will produce hundreds of results. There are two ways to purchase: either directly through the manufacturer or through a retail environment or third party, such as Target.

A few major portable swimming pool manufacturers are EZPools, Intex, and Tuff. Purchase straight from the manufacturer if you need a custom designed pool or if you need a portable swimming pool for an event or serious of events, such as a store opening or on a film stage. Directly buying from the business may cost a little more but you are guaranteed a customer support team that is knowledgeable on the subject if you have any questions or concerns. A retail chain will know little to nothing about the product. Keep an eye on sales, bulk discounts, or other temporary price reductions from all providers before settling on one option.

There are hundreds of online and offline providers that sell portable swimming pools. The pools will be standard sizes, colors, and styles. However, given the sheer number of retail providers of pools, a little research and Internet surfing and you will easily be able to find the lowest priced deals. Also, most retailers such as Target and Home Depot allow coupon codes and other discounts to be taken at checkout, taking even more off the price tag.

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