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Buy Desktop Pc - How To Buy a Desktop PC

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Your desktop PC is an important purchase, regardless of whether you’re buying for serious CPU power or just for a little light Internet browsing and email. Desktop PCs can be very expensive, and for laypersons, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re buying.

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the speed of the PC. This is mainly determined by the processor. Processor guidelines are one of the most confusing things that new computer buyers have to deal with; there are dozens of types of processors and subgroups. The main brands are AMD and Pentium. Newer computers usually have “dual core” processors, which are basically two processors working in sync.

Some computers have even more “cores”, but the speed of the processor, measured in Ghz, is more important. If you want a PC for basic tasks like Internet browsing, email, and light gaming, you won’t have to worry too much about these numbers. Just make sure that you compare several desktop PCs to one another to check that you’re not overpaying for a substandard processor. If you’re looking for a really powerful PC, a simply way to check whether you’re getting a powerful enough computer is to compare the processor to the listed “Requirements” section of a powerful game or video editing program. The video card is also important for gamers, and can also be checked against listed requirements for a basic idea of functionality.

You should also consider the speed and capacity of the computer’s hard drive. It’s hard to find a new desktop PC that doesn’t provide at least 200GB of storage space, but if you’re going to be downloading movies and music or storing tons of pictures on your new computer, you’ll need more than that. Modern hard drives are available in sizes past 1 terabyte (which is 1,000 gigabytes). Buy a hard drive that’s about 1/3 bigger than what you think that you’ll need, and you’ll never have any complaints. Hard drives also have speed ratings, usually described as “seek speed.” Since the hard drive is going to store all of your program information, this is an important number to look at. Remember, if you find a computer with a fast processor but a slow hard drive, you can easily switch the hard drive out with a better model. Any computer user with a screwdriver should be able to accomplish this task with ease.

Buying a new desktop PC can be exciting, but be sure to compare several models before deciding what to buy. You’ll end up with a great PC at a great price that can handle demanding tasks and programs, and you’ll be much happier with your new purchase.

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