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Family Guy Full Episode - Finding Family Guy Full Episodes online

family guy episode guide

The Internet is becoming more and more like a one-stop television network. More people are turning off their TV’s in favor of their laptops and mobile devices, which allow them to watch all their favorite shows online or off. Consistently, one of the highest rated and downloaded shows Internet-wide is Family Guy. Originally airing in 1998, it has gone through difficulties and cancellations before becoming nearly as beloved an animation series as The Simpsons. Finding and watching a Family Guy full episode has become simple, and several cases, completely free.

With 146 episodes down, and at least two more seasons contracted through 2012, there are a lot of episodes to choose from. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of every favorite episode, or at least remember the episode titles, which often times border on the absurd. Before watching or downloading any Family Guy full episodes, make sure to check out a Family Guy episode guide online. Any web search will give you a couple websites that have complete Family Guy episode guides of all 146 shows, titles, and air dates. Two of the most popular sites for this are Wikipedia’s entry for Family Guy, and IMDB. They are organized chronologically and some even include previously un-aired episodes to help the true fan track down the ‘lost’ episodes, such as the third season episode entitled, “Wish upon a Weinstein”, which was deemed too inappropriate and is now only available as a bonus feature on the Family Guy Season Three DVD.

For streaming video of Family Guy full episodes, it is recommended to head over to Hulu, where the five most recent episodes are always available to watch for free, anytime. The shows are presented in either standard or HD version and are nearly commercial free. Only three or four thirty-second ads will run at normal commercial breaks, which is substantially better than watching on live TV. New episodes are put online the day after the new episode airs. By creating an account with Hulu and marking Family Guy as a favorite show, it will update your ‘queue’ with the latest show and any special commentaries, interviews, or web-only content not seen on TV.

For older episodes or if you want to watch Family Guy full episodes offline or on an ipod/mobile device, it’s best to download the episode. The easiest and best way to do this is off the itunes software, where you can look at the entire Family Guy episode guide and pick the episode or episodes that you would like. They cost only $1.99 plus tax and you can watch them anytime. They also include the recent Family Guy Star Wars parodies, ‘Blue Harvest’ and ‘Something, Something, Something Dark Side’.

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