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Calvin Klein Shirts - Finding new Calvin Klein shirts online

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Calvin Klein has long been a staple of men’s and women’s clothes. The broad range of products in various styles, colors, and designs makes it a perfect way to piece together an outfit for nearly any occasion. In addition, Calvin Klein has always pioneered the art of creating outfits specifically for each occasion and offering suggestions to the consumer. Right now on its website, its designers have pieced together various outfits for both men and women using new and unique Calvin Klein shirts from its new 2010 line. The website also shows a movie that takes the audience behind the stage of the photo shoots, interviewing the designer in charge.

Calvin Klein shirts come in a variety of styles and patterns for any occasion. There are dress shirts that can be perfectly complemented with a tie and slacks, or polo shirts that work with simple blue jeans and tennis shoes. Within the men’s shirt line, the consumer can choose between dress, sport, and casual shirts. There are also the options of selecting shirts with pockets or without, and either long sleeved or short sleeved. Some newer shirts also come with zippers instead of buttons. Calvin Klein also has a large line of men’s polo shirts in various colors and patterns, as well as simple graphic knit tees. These are typically less expensive than collared shirts but have a much more casual, comfortable feel with the 100% cotton.

Calvin Klein shirts for women encompasses an even broader range of possibilities. There are blouses, sweaters, graphic tees, knit tees, dress shirts, and polos. All of which can be mixed or matched with other various Calvin Klein apparel to create unique outfits. Many of the shirts for women are designed with the specific intention to be layered on top of one another, creating a vastly different look with every combination. Women’s Calvin Klein shirts come in a variety of sleeve lengths, from long sleeved to 3/4 and also short sleeved. Each shirt also has a different type of texture applied to it, whether ruched on the sleeves or hand-dyed and distressed for a unique faded appearance.

The best place to find Calvin Klein shirts is on the company’s website. It will have the largest selection of new merchandise as well as helpful guides to create outfits you might not have ordinarily thought of. Many other online retailers such as Amazon, Overstock, and Macy’s have great selections of Calvin Klein shirts as well, many of which will be on sale or discounted significantly from the suggested retail price. Check for sales and make sure there aren’t any coupon codes that might apply to your purchase for even more money off.

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