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Google For Kids - What can you expect from Google for kids?

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As technology becomes more important for our everyday lives, it is important to teach children the basics at an early age. One of the most well-known search engines, Google, has done that by creating a version of Google for kids which provides a safe environment for children and teens to find what they need on the internet.

In Google’s kids and teens directory, there are many categories that children and teens may wish to search through such as arts, computers, games, entertainment, health, school life, teen life and family, among others. Along with the directories, there is a search bar which allows Google’s search engine to be accessible and used by kids and teens that need to learn how to find resources on the internet. The search bar at the top gives the option for searching within the kids and teens directories, or all over the internet. For parents that are worried about internet security and wish to maintain control over what their children initially use the internet for, Google for kids can be a good starting point.

In each of the individual categories, there are many different subsections which provide a wide array of information. Children and teens that are struggling with homework or need some advice, have a place to turn to for help. Google for kids is a revolutionary way to teach children how to use the internet as a resource and become acquainted with the methods needed in order to find the information they seek. One of the positive aspects of Google for kids, is its’ easy user-interface. There are normal website results within the directories, along with informational blogs and articles. Each of the results have been read and approved by volunteer editors which rank their importance and their accuracy on the search terms.

While technology increases in popularity in society as a useful tool, there are dangers that parents may be wary of. Generally, they don’t want their children to accidentally approach an adult website or allow their children access to any websites that will put a virus on their computer. With Google’s kid approved version, there is a safeguard that will ensure that anything found will be appropriate for all viewers.

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