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Google Pop Up Blocker - How to Use the Google Pop Up Blocker

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One of the greatest achievements in protection against intrusive advertising was the invention of the pop-up blocker. Pop-ups are those annoying ads that spontaneously litter the screen in little windows covering the webpage you are looking at. Pop-ups can come singly or they can come in never-ending groups. Some companies have even created chain pop-ups, so when you try to close one, another one takes its place.

The invention of the pop-up blocker promised to take care of those annoying ads. Opera was the first browser to use them. Soon after, Firefox, and Internet Explorer began using pop-up blockers. The best pop-up blocker, though, came as a third-party extension: the Google pop up blocker. Google pop up blocker was incorporated into the features of the Google Toolbar, and it was applauded as being the best of the bunch.

Many of the first pop up blockers did not work satisfactorily. Google pop up blocker worked better than the others for several reasons. One problem with pop up blockers is that not all pop-ups are unwanted advertising. There are many legitimate uses for pop-up windows. Enhanced or enlarged pictures are often displayed through pop-ups, as are regular functions of a website. This created the need for a “smart” pop-up blocker or the ability to easily configure or turn off the pop-up blocker. The Google pop-up blocker led the way in both these areas. With Google’s product, webpages could be set so that the pop-up blocker was disabled whenever visiting. The blocker could also be disabled temporarily if you weren’t sure if it you wanted to make it permanent.

To disable the Google pop up blocker, all that is needed to do is the click the wrench icon on the Google Toolbar. From the Tools tab, you can either select or deselect the Pop-up blocker. With the Google Pop-up Blocker enabled, if you want allow pop-ups, all that is needed is to click the Pop-up blocker button. This makes the website you are on unaffected by the blocker, and it adds the website to a whitelist of allowed sites. If you ever need to edit the whitelist in the future, click on the wrench icon, then, from the Tools tab, click the Edit selection next to the checkbox for Pop-up blocker.

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