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Color Photo Printers - The Top Color Photo Printers

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Many people already own an inkjet printer that has adequate photo-printing capabilities, but some are now looking at specialty color photo-only printers. A dedicated photo printer has several advantages, including built-in LCD screens to actualize how each photo will print. Photo-only printers also have direct card slots and controls so the printer never has to be connected to a computer. Many of these printers use a technology called PictBridge to print photos directly from a digital camera by a cable. Other printers and cameras can link together directly from a Wi-Fi connection.

Color photo printers also have several more advantages that shutterbugs will appreciate. Most photo-only printers have a higher resolution than the typical inkjet. They also tend to use specialized ink in separate color cartridges, including cyan and magenta. Photo printer ink tends to last longer than standard inkjet printer ink. Many photo printer companies guarantee their ink will last for over 100 years if used on high-quality photo paper.

Another benefit of a color photo printer is their ability to print on the full-size of the photo paper without borders. This means no trimming is necessary after the photo is printed. Many compact photo printers print only 4 × 6 inch prints. Larger printers are available, however, that can print up to 8.5 × 11s. Some of the criteria to watch for when choosing a color photo printer are resolution, print speed, memory card slots, controls, and display panel.

Here are the top color photo printers:

Epson PictureMate Charm PM 255
This printer consistently receives the top reviews by professional reviewers and consumers alike. Although it has a small LCD panel and it lacks the USB key of other Epson models, its superior quality makes up for these drawbacks. Print cost for 4 × 6 photos is estimated to be around 25 cents each, one of the lowest of all personal photo printers. Print quality is indistinguishable from those done by a professional photo lab. Editing tools include cropping and brightness adjustment. In addition, a batter pack can be purchased separately to make the printer completely portable.

Canon Selphy CP780
The Selphy CP780 is the best color photo printer for those looking for a budget machine. Printing cost is low at around 29 cents per 4 × 6 photo, and the printer itself runs an average of $60 less than printers of comparable quality. Print speed is not the fastest, but for the price, it is acceptable. The printer has easy-to-use controls and a 3-inch LCD screen. It only weighs 2.1 pounds to make it very portable when purchasing the optional battery pack.

HP Photosmart Pro B98850
This color photo printer is often given the highest ratings by professional reviewers. It has the capability of produce professional-quality photos of various sizes up to 13 × 44 inches. 4 × 6 inch borderless photos are printed in only 10 seconds. The HP Photosmart Pro B98850 uses 8 separate ink cartridges filled with specialized pigment ink that is rated much higher than standard ink. This ink will work on virtually any type of material that can be fed through a printer, including glossy paper, regular paper, card stock, and canvas. This printer is best for color photos. Some bronzing is reported on black and white prints. The biggest drawback of this printer is its price. Most stores sell it for over $500.

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