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Harley Davidson Stores - Harley Davidson Stores Offer More than Just Bikes

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Harley Davidson is the most popular motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The brand began with the small engine invented by William S. Harley in 1901. By 1906, Harley, his childhood friend Arthur Davidson, and Davidson’s two brothers established their first factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1911, their popularity and reputation surged with an order for 15,000 bikes to be used by the U.S. in World War I. Nine years later, in 1920, they would claim the title of “largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world” with production numbers 28,189 and sales in 67 countries. After a decline in sales in reputation through the 1950s through the 1980s, the company made a big comeback with the new “Sturgis” model. The “Fat Boy” introduced in 1990 sealed the Harley Davidson company into a bona fide comeback that exists to this day. The name has never been more popular and Harley Davidson stores nationwide draw huge appeal and large profits.

Harley Davidson stores are independently owned franchises. Before the name can be used, potential owners are rigorously screened by the company for financial stability, management experience, retail success, and general knowledge about the world of motorcycling. The company, however, claims its number one requirement for a Harley Davidson store owner is passion.

The biggest draw of a Harley Davidson store is the new bikes. Potential customers are able to test-ride the bikes and learn about all their features from some of the most well-trained salesmen in business. All that is needed for a test ride is a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, a DOT-certified helmet, and proper attire. Harley Davidson stores also feature authorized bike shops for repairs and for adding or replacing accessories. For most Harley riders, not any work shop will do. Shop employees are the best in their field, and they always get it right.

There is more, though, to a Harley Davidson store than the bikes. Owners of classic models and non-owner fans of the company can often be seen inside the store, talking shop with the employees, recalling old stories, and gossiping on the latest news. Harley stores also organize activities and events such as new rider courses, skills courses for experienced riders, group riding events, and new bike demos.

Another big attraction of Harley-Davidson stores is the gear. Harley’s are infinitely customizable and owners never get enough of the latest official parts and accessories. Custom parts and accessories are what make a bike personal and special. Other popular merchandise includes leathers and clothing. Every type of riding apparel imaginable is made with the Harley Davidson name. At the store, customers can find jackets, gloves, helmets, glasses, boots, vests, tops, bottoms, heated gear, rain gear, hats, belts, jewelry, and more. If something is out of stock, the store will be happy to order it.

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