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Tall Womens Pants - Tall Women's Pants: Many styles, many designs

womens tall pants women's tall pants

We short women often are faced with shortening the legs of pants. That is how life is when you are five foot tall or five foot two. Tall women, on the other end of the spectrum, have difficulties finding pants with legs long enough. Tall women must resort to searching out that specialty retailer who specializes in fashions for tall women or have pants tailor made just for them by a professional seamstress or tailor. The lengths of pant legs for tall women can range from 36 up to 39 inches rise, or greater if the women is exceptionally tall. There are indeed clothing outlets that offer pants for tall women in these lengths, and the prices seem to be in line with prices for ordinary length pants.

It is not just the length that matters in tall women’s pants, it is also the contouring and line of the pant along its length. The style of the pant, whether it is a slim pant with a tapering leg, a straight leg pant, or a flared bottom pant, must remain true despite differing lengths. So it is not just a matter of making a pant leg longer from the bottom onward, it is a matter of elongating the leg over the entire length of the leg piece, in order to preserve the style of the pant. A cargo pant that is lengthened to accommodate a tall woman’s leg length must have the placement of the cargo pockets preserved at the proper placement to look true to the style. Chinos and trousers also have unique style designs that fit tall women, with the pocket, zipper, and waist construction modified as the length of the pant is extended.

Yoga pants, capris, and leggings are designed to end at certain parts of the leg, usually above the ankle or just below the knees. The distance from hip to knee on a tall woman is quite different than it is on a shorter woman, so the pant must be modified along its entire length to remain true to its design and fit for a tall woman. Other factors about pant styles for tall women are low waist, natural waist, and high waist fits. Here also the tall woman is longer from waist to hip than is a short woman, and the pant fit must reflect that difference.

Whether the pants are formal, casual, lounge, or work pants, the fit demands for tall women must be met. In denims, there are many manufacturers that produce tall styles, from top of the line designer jeans to classic levis with stud closings and western stitched pocket details. Designers now have high tech machines that modify patterns instantly and cut them from yardage with minimum waste, in whatever size and length is desired. There are a number of top quality mail order companies that provide tall pants for women. Among these companies are L.L. Bean, Land’s End, and others geared specifically to taller women.

Sources of women’s tall pants can be found in abundance on the internet, of course. One such company, Tall Women’s Clothes, has a tremendous variety of not only pants but also other fashions for tall women. Among the styles available are an assortment of denims, yoga pants, capris, lounge pants, trousers, and chinos. Prices range from $20 to $100, with many in the ball park of $30 to $40. Denim styles include boot cuts, skinny jeans, wide legs, and natural waist as well as the “boyfriend” jean. Fabrics other than denim include stretch twill, velvet, rayon, polyester, cotton, wool blends, or linen. The choices for tall women who are shopping for tall pants are endless, just as they are for women of average height. With that being said, all that remains to decide is the price range desired. If money is no object, then tall women can find the ultimate in high style and designer names. If the budget is more constrained, there is still no limit to the choices available. Relax, tall women: your pants are out there just waiting for you to find them. Name your style, fabric, and color, order them and wait for the delivery or take them with you from the direct retailer.

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