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Joe Boxer Corporation

underwear company award sleepwear

Awards: Woolmark Award, 1991
         Marty Award, 1991
         Absolute Golden Shears Award, 1992
         MIRA Award, 1992        Earnie Award for Children’s Design Excellence, 1994, 1995

In 1985 Nicholas Graham, a native of Canada, used $1,000 to start a novelty tie business. The business developed into Joe Boxer after Graham created a line of men’s boxer shorts featuring whimsical designs, most notably the glow-in-the-dark boxers that debuted in 1988. The company thrived in the 1980s, a decade that saw underwear evolve into outerwear. During the next decade, the company added several product lines: men’s loungewear and sleepwear in 1990; JOE BOXER Girlfriend! sleepwear and loungewear in 1992; JOE BOXER Kids! underwear and sleepwear in 1992 with the addition of infants and toddlers sleepwear in 1996; JOE BOXER Girlfriend! underwear in 1996; and, also in 1996, CLEAN FRESH UNDERWEAR, simple, white, cotton underwear. In an effort to expand its lines further, Joe Boxer has licensed its name to create JOE BOXER Home! by Martex/WestPoint, JOE BOXER Time! by Timex Corporation, JOE BOXER Jeans by DJ Industries, and activewear for men and boys.

Since its inception, the company has sought unique, innovative ways to market its products. It has taken the innovative approach to an extreme to distinguish the company’s marketing from the overcrowded arena of marketing that characterized the 1990. To differentiate the brand, the company adopted the distinctive bright yellow smiley face with red tongue, called “Lickey Logo,” in 1993.

The company’s playful logo is its most conventional form of marketing. To launch the JOE BOXER Home! collection, the company decorated the JOE BOXER Suite at the Triton Hotel in San Francisco with its home products. In 1994 it celebrated Virgin Airways’ first flight from London to San Francisco with an in-flight underwear fashion show. Joe Boxer’s award-winning “Zipper” billboard first graced Times Square in 1995, and it displayed e-mail messages sent to the billboard’s website. In 1998 the company introduced Undo-Vendo™ a vending machine that dispenses underwear.

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6 months ago

I live in Montreal and used to buy Joe Boxer underwears at Maximus stores. Now , I can't find it anymore . + Hudson's Bay Company is supposed to have them on their website but they don't sell my size : 2x .

What can I do ?

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almost 4 years ago

I am from New York, used Jockey under wear for many many years.
I now live in Costa Rica and would like to continue using my Jockey undies, where can I find them in San Jose, Costa Rica?.RN#61683 CA#23638
french cut size 8(all cotton)

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over 5 years ago

do you make the joe boxer stretch boxers anymore please respond where to buy if possible