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opéra paris comique giselle

Adam, Adolphe (Charles), noted French composer, son of Jean (Louis) Adam; b. Paris, July 24, 1803; d. there, May 3, 1856. He was encouraged by his friend Harold to pursue a career as a composer. After studying piano with Lemoine, he entered the Paris Cons. at 17 and received training from Benoist (organ), Reicha (counterpoint), and Boieldieu (composition). In 1825 he won a 2 nd prize in the Prix de Rome with his cantata Ariane a Naxos . His first successful stage score was the opéra-comique Pierre et Catherine (Paris Opéra-Comique, Feb. 9, 1829). Adam achieved his first great success with his opéra- comique Le chalet (Opéra-Comique, Sept. 25, 1834). It was followed by the even more successful opéra-comique Le ‘postillon de Lonjumeau (Opéra-Comique, Oct. 13, 1836). His most celebrated score, the ballet Giselle, ou Les Wilis (Paris Opéra, June 28, 1841), has remained a repertory staple for over 150 years. In 1844 he was made a member of the Institut de France. He founded the Opéra-National in Paris in 1847, which was forced to close as a result of the revolutionary events of 1848. Adam was left bankrupt and was forced to take up music journalism to eke out a living. In 1849 he obtained the post of prof. of composition at the Paris Cons., which he held until his death. The opéra-comique Si j’étais roi (Paris Théâtre-Lyrique, Sept. 4, 1852) proved one of his finest late works. His operetta Les pantins de Violette was premiered at the Paris Bouffes-Parisiens on April 29, 1856, just 4 days before his death. In addition to his Giselle, Adam is still fondly remembered for his Cantique de Noël, known in Eng. as O Holy Night .

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