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Whiting and Davis

mesh company metal silver

Edward Davis, a partner in Wade and Davis, a sterling-silver jewelry manufacturing firm formed in 1876, and Charles Whiting, the firm’s errand boy, who ascended the corporate ladder over a ten-year period, became partners and renamed their company Whiting and Davis. By 1907 the company that was founded in Plainville, Massachuetts, was solely owned by Charles Whiting.

The first mesh handbag, the handbag treatment for which Whiting and Davis is known, was produced by Charles Whiting in 1892, and from its inception through 1912, the partners made each one of their small gold and silver purses by hand, individually linking the metal rings to create a woven mesh fabric. They were aided by many New Englanders who were hired to solder these metal rings together, a very slow and laborious process. With the help of A.C. Pratt, who invented the world’s first automatic mesh machine in 1909, Whiting and Davis became the exclusive makers of machine-made mesh bags.

Over the years, the Whiting and Davis mesh bag evolved with the times, taking cues from such renowned designers as Paul Poiret, who inspired the pouch bag of 1929 made in beautifully colored mesh. More recently the company has supplied mesh fabric for use in film, including the garments worn in the 1996 version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo diCaprio. The company has also made its mark in other areas of fashion as well. In 1990 designer Anthony Ferrara designed a $532,000 18-karat gold mesh dress and a $100,000 sterling-silver dress for Absolut Vodka’s 1990 advertising campaign. In 1996 both Richard Tyler and Michael Kors used Whiting and Davis mesh fabric in their collections.

Today, Whiting and Davis is owned by WDC Holdings, Inc., and it is still producing metal mesh in Massachusetts as it has for well over a century.

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about 7 years ago

i bought a bracelet in an antique store it is beautiful silver or white gold ,has a large cleare stone or something in the center with carved lines through it just a little heavey.gave $200.00 for it did i get riped off or not please ansewer to nj@yahoo.com