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The 3,000 Mile Chase

huggins michael producer roy

(NBC, 6/16/1977, 120 mins). A professional courier’s efforts to deliver a key witness cross-country to a New York court appearance comes under attack by professional gunmen in this pilot film for a prospective series for veteran actor Glenn Ford.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Russ Mayberry. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Teleplay Philip DeGuere. Based on a Story by Roy Huggins. Photography Charles G. Arnold. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editors Larry D. Lester, Lawrence J Vallario. Art Director Mark Mansbridge. Associate Producer Dorothy J. Bailey.

Cast Cliff DeYoung (Matthew Considine/Marty Scanlon), Glenn Ford (Paul Dvorak/Leonard Staveck), Blair Brown (Rachel Kane), David Spielberg (Frank Oberon), Priscilla Pointer (Emma Dvorak), Brendan Dillon (Ambrose Finn), Lane Allan (Livingston), John Zenda (Inspector), Carmen Argenziano (Santeen), Tom Bower (Richette), Roger Aaron Brown (Prosecutor), Titos Vandis (Vince Leone), Marc Alaimo (Burrell), Michael J London (Jacoby), Stephen Coit (Stenhardt), Abraham Alvarez (Bathes), Tanya Swerling (Princess Y), Hugh Gillin (Jimbo), June Whitley Taylor (Mrs. Campbell), Shug Fisher (Biker), Michael Mancini (Quinn), Don Maxwell (Seldon), Jerry Hardin (Manager), Richard Lepore (DA), Michael Dan Wagner (Judge).

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