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The Abduction of Saint Anne

patrick benedict producer martin

(ABC, 1/21/1975, 90 mins). A cynical detective and a Roman Catholic bishop from the Vatican team up to investigate the reported miraculous powers of a beautiful 17-year-old girl being held captive in the home of her father, an ailing syndicate kingpin, whose associates will stop at nothing to keep her imprisoned. Subsequently titled “They’ve Kidnapped Anne Benedict.” Based on the 1972 novel “The Issue of the Bishop’s Blood” by Thomas Patrick McMahon.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Harry Falk. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer John Wilder. Supervising Producer Russell Stoneham. Teleplay Edward Hume. Based on a Novel by Thomas Patrick McMahon. Photography Jack Swain. Music George Duning. Editor Walter A Hannemann. Art Director James Martin Bachman.

Cast Robert Wagner (Dave Hatcher), E G Marshall (Bishop Francis Paul Logan), Lloyd Nolan (Carl Gentry), Kathleen Quinlan (Anne Benedict), William Windom (Ted Morrisey), James Gregory (Pete Haggerty), A Martinez (Angel Montoya), Ruth McDevitt (Sister Patrick), Alfred Ryder (Frank Benedict), George McCallister (Wayne Putnam), Tony Young (Vanjack), Martha Scott (Mother Michael), Victor Mohica (Father Rubacava), Patrick Conway (Sheriff Townsend), Roy Jenson (Woody), Milton Selzer (Dr. Simon Roth), Rodolfo Hoyos (Jose Montoya), John Zaremba (Cardinal), Vic Perrin (Doctor).

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