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The Adventures of Nick Carter

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(NBC, 2/20/1972, 90 mins). Nick Carter (played by Robert Conrad) learns that a fellow private eye’s death is tied into the disappearance of a wealthy playboy’s wife, and he hunts for the killer among the social register as well as the dregs of 1912 New York. Pilot to a prospective series.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Paul Krasny. Executive Producer Richard Irving. Producer Stan Kallis. Teleplay Ken Pettus. Photography Alric Edens. Music John Andrew Tartaglia. Editor Robert F Shugrue. Art Director Henry Bumstead. Associate Producer Arthur D. Hilton. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Robert Conrad (Nick Carter), Shelley Winters (Bess Tucker), Broderick Crawford (Otis Duncan), Neville Brand (Capt. Dan Keller), Pernell Roberts (Neal Duncan), Pat O’Brien (Hallelujah Harry), Sean Garrison (Lloyd Deams), Laraine Stephens (Joyce Jordan), Dean Stockwell (Freddy Duncan), Brooke Bundy (Roxy O’Rourke), Jaye P Morgan (Plush Horse singer), Sorrell Booke (Dr. Zimmerman), Ned Glass (Maxie), Joe Maross (Archer), Arlene Martel (Flo), Byron Morrow (Sam Bates), Arthur Peterson (Coroner), Booth Colman (Parsons), Warren Parker (Butler), Larry Watson (Desk sergeant), Leon Lontoc (Desk clerk), James McCallion (Manager), Charles Davis (Minister), William Benedict (Newsboy), Elizabeth Harrower (Sister Effie), Deidre Hudson (Ivy Duncan).

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