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Adventures of the Queen

john allen irwin schuster

(CBS, 2/14/1975, 120 mins). A luxury cruise ship is threatened with destruction with all aboard as part of a deadly vendetta against a multi-millionaire passenger in true Irwin Allen seagoing disaster style. The liner Queen Mary provided the backdrop for this suspense movie.

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Producer Irwin Allen. Teleplay John Gay. Based on a Story by Irwin Allen. Photography Jack Woolf. Music Richard LaSalle. Editor Bill Brame. Production Designer Stan Jolley. Associate Producers Al Gail, William Welch.

Cast Robert Stack (Capt. James Morgan), David Hedison (Dr. Peter Brooks), Ralph Bellamy (J. L. Dundeen), Bradford Dillman (Martin Reed), Sorrell Booke (Robert Dwight), Burr DeBenning (Ted Trevor), John Randolph (John Howe), Ellen Weston (Ann Trevor), Linden Chiles (Matthew Evans), Sheila Mathews (Claudine Lennart), Mills Watson (Jim Greer), Frank Marth (Phillips), Richard X Slattery (Riley), Francine York (Betsy Schuster), Vito Scotti (Bill Schuster), Russell Johnson (Forbes), Elizabeth Rogers (Irene McKay), Lara Parker (Barbara), Paul Carr (Walter Fletcher), Than Wyenn (Fedderson), Patrick Culliton, Steve Marlo, Erik Nelson, Gloria Stuart.

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