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Alias Smith and Jones

john glen larson outlaw

(ABC, 1/5/1971, 120 mins). A lighthearted Western about a pair of notorious outlaws who take the governor’s offer of amnesty, offered through a lawman friend, if they’ll bring in a vicious desperado and his gang—and then discover that their amnesty has other strings attached. A series of the same name with Peter Deuel and Ben Murphy followed, beginning several weeks after the initial showing of this film and continuing through early January 1973. When actor Deuel committed suicide in mid-1972, Roger Davis was brought in to replace him.

Production Companies Glen Larson Productions, Universal Television. Director Gene Levitt. Executive Producer Frank Price. Producer Glen A. Larson. Teleplay Glen A. Larson, Matthew Howard. Based on a Story by Glen A. Larson. Photography John M. Stephens. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Bob Cagey. Art Director George C. Webb.

Cast Peter Deuel (Hannibal Hayes/Joshua Smith), Ben Murphy (Jed Kid Curry/Thaddeus Jones), Forrest Tucker (Deputy Harker), Susan Saint James (Miss Porter), James Drury (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Jeanette Nolan (Miss Birdie), Earl Holliman (Wheat), John Russell (Marshal), Dennis Fimple (Kyle), Bill Fletcher (Kane), Bill McKinney (Lobo), Charles Dierkop (Shields), Peter Brocco (Pincus), John Shank (Outlaw), Sid Haig (Outlaw), John Harper (Outlaw), Roger Davis (Narrator).

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