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All Quiet on the Western Front

producer paul’s mark french

(CBS, 11/14/1979, 180 mins). Acclaimed three-hour TV remake of the 1930 film classic about a young generation’s disillusionment and eventual destruction by war. Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine took the roles played in the original by Lew Ayres and Louis Wolheim. This version received seven Emmy Award nominations: Outstanding Drama, supporting actor (Borgnine), supporting actress (Patricia Neal), director and art direction, and it won two Emmys for Alan Pattillo’s editing and Roy Whybrow’s special effects.

Production Companies Rosemont Productions, Marble Arch Productions. Director Delbert Mann. Executive Producer Martin Starger. Producer Norman Rosemont. Teleplay Paul Monash. Based on the Novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Photography John Coquillon. Music Allyn Ferguson. Supervising Editor Bill Blunden. Editor Alan Pattillo. Art Director Karl Varcek. Production Designer John Stoll. Associate Producer Ron Carr.

Cast Richard Thomas (Paul Baumer), Ernest Borgnine (Stanislaus Katczinsky), Ian Holm (Himmelstoss), Donald Pleasence (Kantorek), Patricia Neal (Paul’s mother), Mark Dreway (Tjaden), Mark Elliott (Josef Behm), Dai Bradley (Albert Kropp), Mathew Evans (Friedrich Muller), George Winter (Franz Kemmerich), Dominic Jephcott (Peter Leer), Colin Mayes (Westhaus), Ewan Stewart (Detterling), Simon Haywood (Gessler), Kevin Stoney (Hollerstein), Ken Hutchison (Hammacher), Stephen Reynolds (Franz), Ian Hastings (Lewandowski), Denys Graham (The Kaiser), Mary Miller (Kemmerich’s mother), Michael Sheard (Paul’s father), Marie Noelle-Barre (French brunette), Dominique Varda (French blonde), Arda Brokmenn (3rd French girl), Drahomira Fialkova (Sister Libertine), Katrina Lirova (Paul’s sister), Veronika Jenikova (Anna), Mark Roemmich (Gerard Duval), Andrew Burleigh (Young recruit), Bruce Purchase (Cook).

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