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Aloha Means Goodbye

nurse david producer frank

CBS, 10/11/1974, 120 mins). A young schoolteacher (Sally Struthers) in Hawaii fights for her life against both a rare blood disease and an unscrupulous surgeon (James Franciscus) in need of a heart-transplant donor.

Production Company Universal Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producer David Lowell Rich. Producer Sam Strangis. Teleplay Joseph Stefano. Based on a Novel by Naomi A Hintze. Photography J. J. Jones. Music Charles Fox. Editor Richard M. Sprague. Art Director William L. Campbell. Associate Producer Arthur E. McLaird.

Cast Sally Struthers (Sara Moore), Joanna Miles (Pamela Crane), Henry Darrow (Dr. David Kalani), James Franciscus (Dr. Lawrence Maddox), Frank Marth (Dr. Da Costa), Larry Gates (Torger Nilsson), Russell Johnson (Dr. Frank Franklin), Colin Losby (Christian Nilsson), Pat Li (Mrs. Kalani), Tracy Reed (Connie), Dawn Lyn (Blind girl), Anne Schedeen (Stewardess), Frank Michael Liu (Lab assistant), Donald Mantooth (Intern), Robert Ito (Arnold), Randi Kallan (Probationer), Sharon Cintron (File nurse), Carolyn Stellar (Receptionist), Mary Anne Kasica (Nurse), Barbara Dodd (Head nurse).

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