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The Amazing Howard Hughes

john lee james production

(CBS, 4/13/1977 and 4/14/1977, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). An intriguing, if lethargic, look at the life of Howard Hughes, as portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, from his takeover of the Hughes Tool Company at 18, through his rapidly expanding business ventures. The film covers his interests, ranging from golf and aviation to filmmaking and Hollywood starlets, his involvement in the Senate probe pertaining to war profits, his growing isolation and phobias, and his death in April 1976.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director William A. Graham. Executive Producer Roger Gimbel. Producers Herbert Hirschman, Paul Cameron. Teleplay John Gay. Based on a Biography by Noah Dietrich, Bob Thomas. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Editor Aaron Stell. Production Designer Stan Jolley.

Cast Tommy Lee Jones (Howard Hughes), Ed Flanders (Noah Dietrich), James Hampton (Wilbur Peterson), Tovah Feldshuh (Katharine Hepburn), Lee Purcell (Billie Dove), Jim Antonio (George), Sorrell Booke (Fiorello LaGuardia), Marty Brill (Lewis Milestone), Marla Carlis (Jane Russell), Lee deBroux (Jimmy), Roy Engel (Production manager), Arthur Franz (Barnes), Denise Galik (Shirley Whithead), Howard Hesseman (Jenks), Tannis G. Montgomery (Mrs. Hughes), Walter O Miles (Gen. Hap Arnold), Garry Walberg (Henry J. Kaiser), Carol Bagdasarian (Jean Peters), Bart Burns (Robert Maheu), Thayer David (Floyd Odlum), Barry Atwater (Senator Brewster), William Dozier (Senator Ferguson), Barney Phillips (Saunders), James Bacon (Himself), John S. Ragin (McKenna), John Lupton (Mayor), Art Gilmore (Newsreel announcer), Ray Ballard (Forbes), Robert Baron (Lewis), James Beach (Assistant cutter), Morgan Brittany (Ella Hughes), Susan Buckner (Jean Harlow), Ray Buktenica (Public Relations man), Sid Conrad (Gresham), Jack Denbo (Chauffeur), John Dennis (Cutter), Steve Doubet (Harris), Shay Duffin (Butler), S. John Launer (Doctor), Joel Lawrence (Emcee), John W. Bellah (Station attendant), Thom Carney (Guard), Peter Dane (DeMarco), Hal England (Reeves), Gene Handsaker (Himself), Ed Harris (Russ), Ted Hartley (Attorney), Wayne Heffley (Dr. Bergman), Russ McGinn (Sheriff), Marvin G. Miles (Himself), Ken Sansom (Hospital administrator), Ken Scott (Vernon Scott), Dave Shelley (Government official), Wayne Thomas (Himself), Jerome Thor (Council), Bert Williams (Mr. Hardesty), James McKrell, Glenn Miller, Myron Natwick, Kim O’Brien, Andy Romano, Jetta Seear.

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