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Amelia Earhart

susan jack director david

(NBC, 10/25/1976, 180 mins). An ambitious three-hour movie biography of the famed aviatrix and her marriage to a noted publisher. Emmy nominations went to Susan Clark as Best Actress, Susan Oliver as Best Supporting Actress, and William Tuntke and Richard Freedman for their art direction and set decoration.

Production Company Universal Television. Director George Schaefer. Producer George Eckstein. Teleplay Carol Sobieski. Photography Ted Voigtlander. Music David Shire. Editor Jim Benson. Art Director William H Tuntke. Costumes Edith Head.

Cast Susan Clark (Amelia Earhart), John Forsythe (G. P. Putnam), Stephen Macht (Paul Mantz), Susan Oliver (Neta Snook (“Snookie”)), Catherine Burns (Pidge Earhart), Jane Wyatt (Amy Earhart), Charles Aidman (Mr. Earhart), Eddie Barth (Sid Isaacs), David Huffman (Radio operator), Bill Vint (Fred Noonan), Jack Colvin (Wilmer Stultz), Kip Niven (Alan Bradford), John Archer (Dr. Paterson), Florida Friebus (Miss Perkins), Lance Kerwin (David Putnam), Kim Diamond (Young Amelia), Lowell Thomas (Broadcaster), Colleen Camp (Starlet), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Esther Biddles), Garry Walberg (Film director), Robert Ridgely (Bailey), Priscilla Morrill (Dorothy), Steve Kanaly (Gordon), Sari Price (Louise), Nora Morgan (Purdue coed), Jack Bannon (Commander), Doris Singleton (Mary-Jack), Michael LeClair (Boy), Kathleen O’Malley (Mrs. Gallagher), Dallas Mitchell (1st reporter), Paul Napier (2nd reporter), Arthur Monde (3rd reporter), Harry Middlebrooks (Joe), Elizabeth Cheshire (Young Pidge), Teris Wyss (Purdue coed), Peter Bourne (Bernt Balcher), Peter Forster (Mr. Gallagher), Donald Mark (1st soldier), Robert Starr (2nd soldier), Jack Frey (Photographer).

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