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Anatomy of a Seduction

michael kane roger frank

(CBS, 5/8/1979, 120 mins). Romantic drama about the love affair between a divorced woman and the college-age son of her best friend, alienating her teenage son who is just a few years younger than her lover.

Production Companies Moonlight Productions, Filmways. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Producer Frank von Zerneck. Teleplay Alison Cross. Photography Howard R Schwartz. Music Hagood Hardy. Song “Let Me Love Again” by Hagood Hardy, Michael Dees. Song Performed by Michael Dees. Editor Melvin Shapiro. Art Director James D. Bissell. Associate Producer Phillips Wylly.

Cast Susan Flannery (Maggie Kane), Jameson Parker (Ed), Rita Moreno (Nina), Ed Nelson (Mark Kane), Michael LeClair (Ricky Kane), Allan Miller (Dan Sawyer), Roger C Carmel (Harry Jackson), Sandy Baron (Maitre d’), Bryan O’Byrne (Howard), Ron Prince (Michael), Rod Colbin (Businessman), Barry Michlin (Desk clerk), Ernest Harada (Allan), Peter Turgeon (Paul), Eldon Quick (Maggie’s friend), Joseph Sheen (Roger), Pilar Del Rey (Maid), Frank Wagner (Hippy).

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