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And Baby Makes Six

cramer producers winston hutton

(NBC, 10/22/1979, 120 mins). A middle-aged couple with three grown children discover they soon will be parents once more and face a variety of emotional responses from family and friends. Timothy Hutton, on the brink of major screen stardom, is their teenage son in this one, a sequel to which “Baby Comes Home” turned up a year later.

Production Company Alan Landsburg Productions. Director Waris Hussein. Executive Producers Alan Landsburg, Sonny Fox. Producers Kay Hoffman, Shelley List. Supervising Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Shelley List. Photography Ric Waite. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Gene Milford. Art Director Tracy Bousman.

Cast Colleen Dewhurst (Anna Cramer), Warren Oates (Michael Cramer), Maggie Cooper (Elizabeth Winston), Al Corley (Franklyn Cramer), Timothy Hutton (Jason Cramer), Allyn Ann McLerie (Dora), Mildred Dunnock (Serena Fox), Mason Adams (Dr. Eliot Losen), Maria Melendez (Marta Montez), Bill Smillie (Pharmacist), Lee Wallace (Sam Blumenkrantz), Christopher Allport (Jeff Winston), Tamu (Donna the housekeeper), Joshua Grenrock (Alex), Richard Roat (Bill Finley), Ruth Silveira (Nurse).

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