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Any Second Now

producer levitt gene stewart

NBC, 2/11/1969, 120 mins). A photographer tries to knock off his rich young wife after she has caught him playing around. His plan to kill her for her money before she can divorce him goes awry when the automobile accident he has rigged merely causes her to temporarily lose her memory—which could return any second now. This was Stewart Granger’s initial made-for-TV movie.

Production Companies Universal Television, Roy Huggins Productions. Director Gene Levitt. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Gene Levitt. Teleplay Gene Levitt. Based on a Story by Harold Jack Bloom, Robert Mitchell. Photography Jack Marta. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor David Rawlins. Art Director Howard E Johnson. Associate Producer Paul Freeman. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Stewart Granger (Paul Dennison), Lois Nettleton (Nancy Dennison), Joseph Campanella (Dr. Raul Valdez), Dana Wynter (Jane Peterson), Katy Jurado (Senora Vorhis), Tom Tully (Howard Lenihan), Marion Ross (Mrs. Hoyt), Eileen Wesson (American girl), Bob Hastings (Gary), Francine York (Samantha), Victor Millan, Luis De Cordova, Bill McCright, John Aladdin, Dallas Mitchell.

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