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The Aquarians

ivan tors technician 1st

(NBC, 10/24/1970, 120 mins). A noted scientist and his team of underwater explorers go deep-sea diving to hunt the villain who has stolen the world’s supply of nerve gas and is polluting the ocean. Adventure below sea level, Ivan Tors-style, in his initial plunge into the field of TV movies after his success with “Flipper” and others.

Production Companies Ivan Tors Productions, Universal Television. Director Don McDougall. Producer Ivan Tors. Teleplay Leslie Stevens, Winston Miller. Based on a Story by Alan Caillou, Ivan Tors. Photography Clifford Poland. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor Erwin Dumbrille. Art Director Gene Harris.

Cast Ricardo Montalban (Dr. Luis Delgado), Jose Ferrer (Alfred Vreeland), Leslie Nielsen (Official [and spoken introduction]), Chris Robinson (Ledring), Kate Woodville (Barbara Brand), Lawrence Casey (Bob Exeter), Tom Simcox (Jerry Hollis), Curt Lowens (Ehrlilch), Elisa Ingram (Jean Hollis), Joan Murphy (Norma), Austin Stoker (Bogan), Napoleon Reed (Aganda official), Henry Mortimer (Bellboy), Phil Philbin (1st technician), Dan Chandler (Sonar man), Ted Swanson (Aide), William Evenson (Jim Morgan), Ken Harris (2nd technician), Roger Phillips (3rd technician), Myron Natwick (1st reporter), Harlan Warde (2nd reporter).

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