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(NBC, 11/5/1977 to 11/7/1977, 3 Parts, 120 each, 6 hours). A chic Colorado ski resort in the 1960s is the setting for illicit love, corruption and a sensational murder trial in this melodrama woven together from two novels (actually the title of one, the plot of the other) and subsequently spiced up with a new, more intriguing title (“The Innocent and the Damned”) the second time around. Involved are an ambitious young attorney, a drifter accused of murdering a teenage sexpot, a land developer whose bored daughter has become a jetsetter and an unctuous ex-gangster trying to make a land killing. Cobbled together from two novels—“Aspen” by Bert Hirschfeld and “The Adversary” by Bart Spicer—the miniseries initially ran for six hours in three parts.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Doug Heyes. Executive Producer Michael Klein. Producers Jo Swerling Jr., Roy Huggins. Teleplay Doug Heyes. Based on Novels by Bart Spicer and Bert Hirschfeld. Photography Isidore Mankofsky. Music Mike Melvoin, Tom Scott. Editors Larry D. Lester, Lawrence J. Vallario, Edwin F. England. Art Director John Corso.

Cast Sam Elliott (Tom Keating), Perry King (Lee Bishop), Gene Barry (Carl Osborne), Martin Beswick (Joan Carolinian), Joseph Cotten (Horton Paine), Roger Davis (Max Kendrick), Lee deBroux (Sam Dinehart), George DiCenzo (Abe Singer), Anthony Franciosa (Alex Budde), Jessica Harper (Kit Pepe), Doug Heyes Jr. (Jon Osborne), Bo Hopkins (Budd Townsend), John Houseman (Joseph Merrill Drummond), John McIntire (Owen Keating), Michelle Phillips (Gloria Osborne), William Prince (Judge Miles Kendrick), Deborah Richter (Angela Morelli), Stephanie Blackmore (Vanessa Faye), Don Collier (Coker), Pepper Martin (Wilson Briggs), Connie Kreski (Jackie Camerovsky), Corinne Michaels (Mrs. Morelli), Angus Duncan (Len Ralston), James O’Connell (Dan Malatesta), Michael Carr (Harry Rodano), Lynn Topping (Golden blonde), Rod Haase (Glen Nilsson), Leslie Simms (Miss Malatta), Todd Martin (Court clerk), Roberta McElroy (Jury foreman), John de Lancie (Ray Chilton), Antony Ponzini (Ric), James Houghton (John Desterrich), Mark Heyes (Monte Frazer), Stephen Coit (Second justice), Dana Baker, Maralee Beck, Sheila Caan, Penny Ciarlo, Terry Donahue, Martha Gerwetz, Jeff Harlan, Wings Hauser, Cassandra Lampert, Susan Lawson, Michael Mancini, Raul Martinet, John McKee, Gary Pagett, Emma Trekman, Sandy Ward, Marion A. Wright.

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