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NBC, 1/30/1973, 120 mins). An American race driver (Leonard Nimoy) has visions, in this British-made TV movie, that are premonitions of danger and joins with a lady psychiatrist, specializing in ESP, to prevent future tragedies and sort out his unaccountable images.

Production Companies Arena Films, ITC Entertainment Group. Director Philip Leacock. Executive Producer Norman Felton. Producer Philip Leacock. Teleplay Theodore Apstein. Photography Ken Hodges. Music Richard Hill. Editor Bill Blunden. Art Director Harry Pottle.

Cast Leonard Nimoy (Tom Kovack), Susan Hampshire (Michele Brent), Rachel Roberts (Mrs. Farraday), Vera Miles (Andrea Glenn), Jewel Blanch (Jennifer Glenn), Valerie Taylor (Louise Sanford), Ray Brooks (George Tracewell), Angharad Rees (Peggy Tracewell), Christopher Benjamin (Verelli), Mike Murray (Parrish), Ewan Roberts (Hopkins), Milton Johns (Dr. Reed), Al Mancini (TV interviewer), John Rae (Theater doorman), Patsy Smart (Cleaning woman), Shane Rimmer (Track announcer), Roland Brand (Racetrack mechanic), Bill Hutchinson (Doctor), Frank Mann (PA announcer), Michael Sloan (Ambulance man), Dan Meaden (Policeman).

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