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The Ballad of Andy Crocker

margolin stuart mother agnes

ABC, 11/18/1969, 90 mins). The first TV movie to deal with the Vietnam War, written by actor Stuart Margolin (Angel on “The Rockford Files”), finds a returning veteran discovering that his girlfriend has been forced into marriage, his small business is in ruins, and buddies are in short supply. In the part of the girl’s shrewish mother, veteran actress Agnes Moorehead made her TV-movie debut.

Production Company Thomas-Spelling Productions. Director George McCowan. Producers Aaron Spelling, Danny Thomas. Teleplay Stuart Margolin. Photography Henry Cronjager. Music Billy May. Theme song by Murray MacLeod, Paul Sylos. Editor Bob Lewis. Associate Producer Stuart Margolin.

Cast Lee Majors (Andy Crocker), Joey Heatherton (Lisa), Jimmy Dean (Mack), Bobby Hatfield (Joe Bob), Marvin Gaye (David Owens), Agnes Moorehead (Lisa’s mother), Pat Hingle (Earl Crocker), Jill Haworth (Karen), Peter Haskell (Nelson), Claudia Bryar (Emily Crocker), Lee deBroux (Johnson), Charlie Briggs (Mr. Paisley), Lisa Todd (Cora Mae), Jackie Russell (Kitty), Barbara Leigh (Mia), Joel Higgins (Mr. Bedecker), Harry Harvey Sr. (Mr. Kirkaby), Warren Peterson (Jimmy).

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