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(ABC, 10/5/1979, 120 mins). Humorous tale of a housewife (Patty Duke) who goes to a fat farm, only to discover that her husband (Bradford Dillman) has been playing around while she’s been trying to dump the weight he’s found excessive. She takes up with a young artist who doesn’t care about her weight, and her jealous spouse soon begins demanding her undivided attention, but, thinner-but-wiser, she must decide what she really wants from life. Rosemary Murphy, as her somewhat disapproving mother, replaced Inga Swenson.

Production Company The Konigsberg Company. Director Kim Friedman. Executive Producer Frank Konigsberg. Producer Sam Manners. Teleplay Hindi Brooks. Photography Brianne Murphy. Music Jimmie Haskell. Song “Not Now” by Jimmie Haskell, Norman Gimbel. Editor Benjamin A. Weissman, Thomas Stanford. Art Director Herman Zimmerman. Costumes Guy Verhille.

Cast Patty Duke (Carole Mathews), Bradford Dillman (Jack Mathews), Barbara Feldon (Penny), Art Hindle (Mike Farmer), Conchata Ferrell (Marge), Rosemary Murphy (Helen), Kenneth Mars (Ben Fryer), Randolph Powell (Les the Waiter), Betty White (Anita), Vern Taylor (Ed), Eve Roberts (Dr. Haymer), Jennifer Kramer (Jennie Mathews), Tara Lynn Bottorff (Lisa Mathews), Rick Johnson (Waiter), Richard Hawkins (Male bather).

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