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Benny & Barney: Las Vegas Undercover

glen jack larson ronald

(NBC, 1/19/1977, 90 mins). Two undercover cops find their avocation— a musical act—helpful in tapping informants on the Las Vegas Strip regarding the alleged kidnapping of a top entertainer. This pilot was for a series that never materialized. Original title (until eve of premiere): “Benny and Barney, the Aristocrats.”

Production Companies Glen Larson Productions, Universal Television. Director Ron Satlof. Producer Glen A. Larson. Teleplay Glen A. Larson. Photography Ronald W. Browne. Music Stu Phillips. Editors John J. Dumas, Ronald J. Fagan. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer. Associate Producer Andrew Mirisch.

Cast Terry Kiser (Benny Kowalski), Timothy Thomerson (Barney Hill), Jack Colvin (Lieutenant Callan), Jane Seymour (Margie Parks), Jack Cassidy (Mickey Doyle), Hugh O’Brian (Jack Davis), Pat Harrington Jr. (Joey Gallion), Don Marshall (Detective Vincent), Rodney Dangerfield (Manager), Marty Allen (Higgie), George Gobel (Drunk), Bobby Troup (Paul Mizener), Michael Pataki (Sergeant Ross), Dick Gautier (Will Dawson), Ted Cassidy (Jake Tuttle), J P Finegan (Male), Rosalind Miles (Alice), Dorothy Konrad (Landlady), Larry Levine (Pit boss), Ted Manson (Choreographer), Cork Proctor (Sergeant Posi).

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