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Betrayal (ABC, 12/3/1974, 90 mins)

producer blake doris miles

(ABC, 12/3/1974, 90 mins). Amanda Blake, in her TV movie debut and her first role after 18 years on “Gunsmoke,” is a lonely widow who hires a young woman companion, unaware that the girl and her boyfriend are killer-extortionists planning to make her their next victim. Singer/actor Dick Haymes also made his initial TV movie appearance in this adaptation of Doris Miles Disney’s “Only Couples Need Apply” (1973).

Production Company Metromedia Producers Corp. Director Gordon Hessler. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Teleplay James M. Miller. Based on a Novel by Doris Miles Disney. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Ernest Gold. Editor John A. Martinelli. Associate Producer Gerald W. Abrams.

Cast Amanda Blake (Helen Mercer), Tisha Sterling (Gretchen [“Adele Murphy”]), Dick Haymes (Harold Porter), Sam Groom (Jay), Britt Leach (Fred Hawkes), Edward Marshall (Roy), Ted Gehring (Police sergeant), Dennis Cross (Highway patrolman), Eric Brotherson (Mr. Hall), Lucille Benson (Eunice Russell), Vernon Weddle (Savings officer), Rene Bond (Betty/waitress).

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