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Better Late Than Never

song harry astaire martin

(NBC, 10/17/1979, 120 mins). A feisty senior citizen (Harold Gould) who, in this lighthearted drama directed by actor Richard Crenna, refuses to abide by the rules in a stodgy retirement home leads a revolt against the dour head of the house (Tyne Daly). Originally, this one was called “Never Too Young,” and its title song was sung by an uncredited Fred Astaire. Then it was retitled “Darn You, Harry Landers,” before getting its final one. TV veteran George Gobel, despite his prominent billing, does not turn up until the final scene playing an old sea dog, the new boy at the home.

Production Company Ten-Four Productions. Director Richard Crenna. Executive Producers Greg Strangis, William Hogan. Producer Bob Birnbaum. Teleplay Greg Strangis, John Carpenter. Photography Ronald W Browne. Music Charles Fox. Song “You’re Never Too Young To Try” by Norman Gimbel. Song Performed by Fred Astaire. Editor Jerry Dronsky. Art Director Bill Ross.

Cast Harold Gould (Harry Landers), Strother Martin (J. D. Ashcroft), Tyne Daly (Ms. Davis), Harry Morgan (Mr. Scott), Marjorie Bennett (Marjorie Crane), Victor Buono (Dr. Zoltan Polos), George Gobel (Captain Taylor), Jeanette Nolan (Lavinia Leventhal), Donald Pleasence (Colonel Riddle), Larry Storch (Sheriff), Lou Jacobi (Milton Cohen), Paula Trueman (Alke Elam), Bill Fiore (Tom Wallace), Joyce Bulifant (Jean Wallace), William Bogert (Rapist), Meg Wyllie (Meg), Arch Johnson, Woodrow Chambliss, Michael P. Alan, Al Berry, Elizabeth Robinson, John Malloy, Vincent Howard, Cele Bullard, Helen Martin, Weldon Sipe, Dick Wilson.

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