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Big Bob Johnson & His Fantastic Speed Circus

robert rick director stepwell

(NBC, 6/27/1978, 120 mins). A rambunctious comedy about a ragtag auto racing team that helps an heir to gain the inheritance his uncle is trying to snatch from him, and finds itself in a race from one end of Louisiana to the other that pits one Rolls-Royce against another.

Production Companies Playboy Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producers Edward L. Rissien, R. W. Goodwin. Producer Joseph Gantman. Teleplay Bob Comfort, Rick Kellard. Photography Robert Jessup. Music Mark Snow. Editor Leon Carrere. Art Director Jack F. DeShields.

Cast Charles Napier (Big Bob Johnson), Maud Adams (Vikki Lee Sanchez), Constance Forslund (Julie Hunsacker), Robert Stoneman (W. G. Blazer), William Daniels (Lawrence Stepwell III), Burton Gilliam (Half-Moon Muldoon), Rick Hurst (Timothy Stepwell), Tom McFadden (Alfie), Clay Turner (Earl), James Bond III (Jesse), Buck Flower (Bert), Stafford Morgan (Man in bar), Jean Mayre (Lady at party), Sylvia ‘Kumba’ Williams (Mrs. Drexel), Brother Dave Gardner (Reverend Garnett).

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