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Birth of the Beatles

john george paul pete

(ABC, 11/23/1979, 120 mins). The early days of the Fab Four are traced from their bleakest hours as unknowns on Penny Lane in Liverpool to their triumph on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Five unknowns play John, Paul, George and Ringo, and Stu Sutcliffe, the “fifth Beatle.” The Beatles’ songs are performed by the rock group, Rain, in this British-made film.

Production Company dick clark productions. Director Richard Marquand. Executive Producer Dick Clark. Producer Tony Bishop. Teleplay Jacob Eskendar, John Kurland. Based on a Story by John Kurland. Song “Rain” written and performed by The Beatles. Editor Sean Barton. Art Director David Minty. Technical Advisor Pete Best.

Cast Stephen Mackenna (John Lennon), Rod Culbertson (Paul McCartney), John Altman (George Harrison), Ray Ashcroft (Ringo Starr), Ryan Michael (Pete Best), David Wilkinson (Stu Sutcliffe), Brian Jameson (Brian Epstein), Wendy Morgan (Cynthia Lennon), Gary Olsen (Roy Storm), Nigel Havers (George Martin), Alyson Spiro (Astrid), Linal Haft (Agent), Eileen Kennally (Aunt).

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