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Black Beauty

peter john gray sutton

(NBC, 1/31/1978 to 2/4/1978, 5 Parts, 60 mins each, 5 hours). A sentimental, all-star retelling (the ninth and most lavish filming since 1906) of Anna Sewell’s beloved animal classic, stretched out in its premiere showing over five nights in hourly episodes. Subsequently shown in two parts over four hours.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Daniel Haller. Executive Producer Peter S Fischer. Producer Ben Bishop. Teleplay Peter S Fischer. Based on the Novel by Anna Sewell. Photography J. J. Jones, Terry K Meade. Music John Addison. Editor Michael S Murphy, Skip Lusk. Art Director Loyd S. Papez. Associate Producer Norman Chandler Fox.

Cast Edward Albert (Lewis Barry), Peter Breck (Dr. Halverson), Eileen Brennan (Annie Gray), Lonny Chapman (Samuel Livingston), Ken Curtis (Howard Jakes), Don DeFore (Martin Tremaine), William Devane (John Manly), Jack Elam (Jonas McBride), Mel Ferrer (Nicholas Skinner), Farley Granger (Enos Sutton), Clu Gulager (Reuben Smith), Van Johnson (Horace Tompkins), Diane Ladd (Amelia Gordon), Zohra Lampert (Polly Baker), Martin Milner (Tom Gray), Cameron Mitchell (Henry Gordon), Diana Muldaur (Elizabeth Sutton), Warren Oates (Jerry Barker), Glynnis O’Connor (Phyllis Carpenter), Jenny O’Hara (Ruth Manly), Brock Peters (Mr. Carmichael), Christopher Stone (Peter Blantyre), Kristoffer Tabori (Adult Luke Gray), Forrest Tucker (Mr. York), David Wayne (Mr. Dowling (and narrator)), Jane Actman (Jennifer Charles), Harry Carey Jr. (Mr. Bond), John de Lancie (Michael Dexter), Dennis Dimster (Joe Green), Christopher Gardner (Harry Barker), Ike Eisenmann (Young Luke Gray), Simone Griffeth (Anne Sutton), Benny Medina (Edgar), Stuart Silbar (Dr. Trumbull), Daniel Tamm (James Howard), Garrison True (Dobson), Michael Odom (George Gordon), Peter Breck (Dr. Halvorson), Luke Sickle (Thomas Green), Sandra Walker (Susan Smith), Kelly Morgan (Patty McBride), Lee Ann Fahey (Dinah Brown), Miles Shearer (Fred Thatcher), John Sullivan (Sam Burns), Bill Nave (Briggs).

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