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Black Market Baby

james macarino andrew producer

(ABC, 10/7/1977, 120 mins). A young college girl becomes pregnant, and she and the father-to-be are caught in the middle of a desperate struggle with a black market adoption ring out to take their baby. Based on Elizabeth Christman’s 1976 novel “A Nice Italian Girl.” The original preairing title was “A Dangerous Love,” and theatrically overseas it was called “Don’t Steal My Baby.”

Production Company Brut Productions. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer James Green. Producer Milton Sperling. Supervising Producer Allen Epstein. Teleplay Andrew Peter Marin. Based on a Novel by Elizabeth Christman. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music George Wilkins, Richard Bellis. Editor George Jay Nicholson. Art Director Carl Anderson.

Cast Linda Purl (Anne Macarino), Desi Arnaz Jr. (Steve Aletti), Jessica Walter (Louise Carmino), David Doyle (Joseph Carmino), Tom Bosley (Dr. Andrew Brantford), Bill Bixby (Herbert Freemont), Lucille Benson (Mrs. Krieg), Annie Potts (Linda Cleary), Tracy Brooks Swope (Babs), Allen Joseph (Albert Macarino), Mark Thomas (Mario Macarino), Argentina Brunetti (Aunt Imelda), Tom Pedi (Uncle Sanchi), Beulah Quo (Mrs. Yamato), Robert Resnick (Rick), Stuart Nisbet (Professor Wellman), James Oliver (Waterman), James Fraracci (Victorio), Shelly Hoffman (Sylvana), Andrew Marin (Watcher), Ivana Moore (Gina).

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