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Blind Ambition

john commentator dean maureen

(CBS, 5/20/1979 to 5/23/1979, 4 Parts, 120 mins each, 8 hours). The Watergate crisis as viewed by John Dean and his wife Maureen, based on their personal accounts his best seller, her book on how it affected their marriage and distilled into an eight-hour drama with all of the political figures of the day parading by as Dean relates his story to his attorney when his world, based on blind ambition, begins crashing down on him. Sheen, whose gamut of portrayals has run from Robert Kennedy (in “The Missiles of October”) to Pretty Boy Floyd to John F. Kennedy several years later, is Dean during his years as counsel to President Nixon. Theresa Russell, who then had starred in only two theatrical movies, made her TV acting debut as Maureen Dean. Rip Torn’s offbeat interpretation of Richard Nixon seems to have been based on personal feeling rather than on actual conversations and speeches and occasionally threatened to derail the entire concept of the drama. “Blind Ambition” was nominated for an Emmy as the Outstanding Limited Series of the 1978-79 season. A second nomination went to the film for Art Direction/Set Decoration (Part 3).

Production Company Time-Life Television. Director George Schaefer. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producers George Schaefer, Renee Valente. Teleplay Stanley R Greenberg. Based on Books by John Dean and Maureen Dean. Photography Edward R Brown. Music (Parts 1 and 2) Walter Scharf. Music (Parts 3 and 4) Fred Karlin. Editors Arthur D Hilton, John Wright, Peter Parasheles. Art Director Michael Baugh. Associate Producer Diana Kerew.

Cast Martin Sheen (John Dean), Theresa Russell (Maureen Dean), Michael Callan (Charles Colson), Lonny Chapman (L. Patrick Gray), William Daniels (G. Gordon Liddy), Clifford David (Fred Fielding), Ed Flanders (Charles Shaffer), Fred Grandy (Donald Segretti), Christopher Guest (Jeb Stuart Magruder), Graham Jarvis (John Ehrlichman), Edward Mallory (Henry Petersen), Gerald S. O’Loughlin (John J. Caulfield), Alan Oppenheimer (George Simonson), Lawrence Pressman (H. R. Haldeman), John Randolph (John Mitchell), Peter Mark Richman (Robert Mardian), William Schallert (Herbert Kalmbach), James Sloyan (Ronald Ziegler), Rip Torn (Richard M. Nixon), William Windom (Richard Kleindienst), Ralph Byers (Hugh Sloan), Patrick Collins (Gordon Strachan), Kip Niven (Egil Krogh), Garn Stephens (Carol Thompson), Logan Ramsey (J. Edgar Hoover), James Greene (E. Howard Hunt), Mitzi Hoag (Press briefing secretary), Lee Kessler (Jane Thomas), Dawson Mays (Dwight Chapin), Darrell Zwerling (Frederick LaRue), Cathleen Cordell (Pat Nixon), Terence McGovern (Jack Garfield), Jenny O’Hara (Liz Garfield), Al Checco (Judge John Sirica), Rosemary DeCamp (Maureen Dean’s mother), David Sheiner (Sam Dash), Josette Banzet (French woman), Ross Bickell (Tom Huston), Stuart Gillard (Larry Higby), Harry Basch (General Walters), Brian Farrell (Bruce Kehrli), James Karen (Earl Silbert), Alan Haufrecht (Robert McCandless), Patricia Stitch (Jill Vollner), Jack Collins (Paul O’Brien), Don Herbert (TV Commentator), Mario J. Machado (TV Commentator), Janice Kent (Colson’s secretary), Hal Fishman (TV Commentator), Janet Langhart (TV Commentator), John Barbour (TV Commentator), Ray Briehm (TV Commentator), Larry Carroll (TV Commentator), Larry McCormick (TV Commentator), Hettie Lynne Hurtes (TV Commentator), John Bernabei (Barber), Paul Lukather (James Neal), Alan Mandell (Seymour Glanzer), Earl Montgomery (Donald Campell), Edwin Owens (Burt), Jack Kosslyn (Paul), Joe Mantell (Joey), Frank McCarthy (Deputy), Jack Radar (Supervisor), Ron Recasner (Marshall), Garn Stephens (Carol Thompson), K Callan (Mrs. Kleindienst), Dan Priest (Richard Moore), Anne Ramsay, Jo DeWinter, Chris Gugas.

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