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The Blue Knight (NBC, 11/11/1973 to 11/16/1973, 3 Parts, 4 hours)

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(NBC, 11/11/1973 to 11/16/1973, 3 Parts, 4 hours). Veteran actor William Holden made his dramatic debut on TV in the role of Bumper Morgan, a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department on his last few days on the force before his retirement, and won an Emmy Award for his performance. The miniseries form as subsequently established began with this four-hour film that was shown initially in one-hour segments on four consecutive nights. This is a movie version of the 1972 best-selling novel by Joseph Wambaugh, the ex-cop who turned writer to successfully tell of his experiences here and on the series “Police Woman” and “Joe Forrester,” as well as “The Blue Knight” series with George Kennedy taking over the lead role from William Holden. In addition to Holden’s Emmy, statuettes were given to director Robert Butler (for Part 3) and to editors Marjorie and Gene Fowler and Samuel E. Beetley. Lee Remick also received a nomination for her performance as Bumper Morgan’s ever-patient girlfriend Cassie Walters. The movie was subsequently edited down to two hours for syndication.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Robert Butler. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Walter Coblenz. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Based on the Novel by Joseph Wambaugh. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Nelson Riddle. Editors Gene Fowler Jr., Marjorie Fowler, Samuel E. Beetley. Art Director Hilyard Brown. Associate Producer Neil T. Maffeo.

Cast William Holden (Bumper Morgan), Lee Remick (Cassie Walters), Joe Santos (Sgt. Cruz Segovia), Eileen Brennan (Glenda), Emile Meyer (Harry Debbs), Sam Elliott (Det. Charlie Bronski), Ernest Esparza III (Rudy Garcia), Anne Archer (Laila), Vic Tayback (Neil Grogan), George DiCenzo (Zoot Lafferty), Mario Roccuzzo (Harold Wagner), Ja’Net DuBois (Celia Louise), Jamie Farr (Yasser Hafiz), Ray Guth (Lieutenant Hilliard), John Quade (Knobby Booker), Katherine Bard (Judge Redford), Lucille Benson (Elmire Gooch), John Sylvester White (Freddie Opp), Harry Arnie, Janit Baldwin, James Beach, Nanci Beck, Norland Benson, Arell Blanton, Helen Boll, Roxanne Bonilla, Simmy Bow, Claire Brennan, Don Calfa, Thomas Paul Carey, Ric Carrott, Stanley Clay, Richard Collier, Lou Cutell, Larry Duran, Joe Flaherty, Alan Fudge, John Furlong, Eddra Gale, Janie Greenspun, Margie Haber, Stan Haze, Monika Henreid, Janear Hines, Jan-Minika Hughes, J.J. Johnston, Richard Kalk, Wayne King, Randy Kirby, Dudley Knight, Jon Korkes, Maryann Krakow, Bob Lauher, Paul Lawrence, Norma Lee, Patrick Dennis-Leigh, Gloria Le Roy, David Lipp, Jay W MacIntosh, Arthur Malet, David Moody, Karmin Murcelo, Douglas T. O’Dell, Tim O’Denning, Rudy Ramos, Paul Reid Roman, Nick St. Nicholas, Richard Saradet, Christopher Seitz, Kenneth Smedberg, Michael Steams, Jack Tesler, Russell Thorson, Tom Tolbert, Dino Washington, Lee Weaver, Jason Wingreen, Kenneth Wolger, Richard Wright, Clint Young, E. Jack Neuman.

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