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The Blue Knight (CBS, 5/9/1975, 90 mins)

john richard furia william

(CBS, 5/9/1975, 90 mins). Veteran cop Bumper Morgan searches the Los Angeles barrio for the killer of an aging colleague in this pilot for the 1975-76 series. George Kennedy took over the role originated in the 1973 miniseries by William Holden.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director J. Lee Thompson. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer John Furia Jr. Teleplay Albert Ruben. Based on the Novel by Joseph Wambaugh. Photography Richard Rawlings. Music Henry Mancini. Editor Samuel E Beetley. Art Director Phil Barber.

Cast George Kennedy (William A. “Bumper” Morgan), Alex Rocco (Det. Charley Bronski), Glynn Turman (Edwin Beall), Verna Bloom (Moody Larkin), Michael Margotta (Frank Zugarelli), Seth Allen (Piskor), John Steadman (Wimpey), Richard Hurst (Detective Hartman), Bart Burns (Randy), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Leroy “Tank” Whittier), Walter Barnes (Personnel Officer), Marc Alaimo (The Dutchman), Eric Christmas (Joel Stebbins), Joseph Wambaugh (Desk sergeant), Britt Leach (Programmer), Hoke Howell (Coggins), Reid Cruickshanks (Lieutenant Walsh), Don Hamner (News vendor), Howard Hesseman (Resident), Harry Caesar (Walter), John Dennis (Dolnick), Valentine Villarreal (Jesus), Lieux Dressler (Waitress), Curtis Henderson (Lucius), Richard Kalk (Dibbs), John Furia Jr. (Lieutenant Furia).

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