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Adorno(real name,Wiesengrund),The odor

frankfurt univ music philosophy

Adorno (real name, Wiesengrund), The odor, significant German social philosopher, music sociologist, and composer; b. Frankfurt am Main, Sept. 11, 1903; d. Visp, Switzerland, Aug. 6, 1969. He studied with Sekles (composition) and Eduard Jung (’piano) at the Hoch Cons. in Frankfurt am Main. He also took courses in philosophy, sociology, psychology, and musicology at the Univ. of Frankfurt am Main (Ph.D., 1925). Following further training with Berg (composition) and Steuermann (piano) in Vienna, he completed his Habilitation at the Univ. of Frankfurt am Main (1931). From 1928 to 1931 he ed. the journal Anbruch, and also was Privatdozent at the Univ. of Frankfurt am Main until being dismissed by the Nazis in 1933. In 1934 he went to Oxford, and in 1938 to N.Y., where he joined the Institut für Sozialforschung. He also was music director of the Princeton Radio Research Project (until 1940). After living in Los Angeles (from 1941), he returned to Frankfurt am Main (1949). In 1950 he became an honorary prof. and in 1956 a prof. of philosophy and sociology at the Univ. there. Adorno exercised a deep influence on the trends in musical philosophy and general aesthetics, applying the sociological tenets of Karl Marx and the psychoanalytic techniques of Sig-mund Freud. In his speculative writings, he introduced the concept of “cultural industry” embracing all types of music, from dodecaphonic to jazz. His compositions, mainly vocal, were reflective of modern trends.

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