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The Borrowers

director rod clock mckuen

(NBC, 12/14/1973, 90 mins). An engaging fantasy about a family of inches-tall little people who live beneath the floorboards of a Victorian county house in peace and quiet until discovered by an eight-year-old boy. Based on the 1952 novel by Mary Norton, the taped movie was Emmy nominated as Outstanding Children’s Special, with nominations also going to Dame Judith Anderson and director Walter C. Miller.

Production Companies Charles M. Schultz Creative Associates, Walt DeFaria Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Walter C. Miller. Executive Producer Duane C. Bogie. Producers Walt DeFaria, Warren L. Lockhart. Teleplay Jay Presson Allen. Based on a Book by Mary Norton. Music Rod McKuen. Songs “Isn’t It Something” and “The Borrowers” by Rod McKuen. Song “Isn’t It Something” performed by Rod McKuen. Song “The Borrowers” performed by Shelby Flint. Art Director Bill Zaharuk.

Cast Eddie Albert (Pod Clock), Tammy Grimes (Homily Clock), Dame Judith Anderson (Aunt Sophy), Karen Pearson (Arrietty Clock), Dennis Larson (Nephew), Beatrice Straight (Mrs. Crampfurl), Barnard Hughes (Mr. Crampfurl), Murray Westgate (Ernie), Danny McIlary (Tom).

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