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Breaking Up

hammil director producer teleplay

(ABC, 1/2/1978, 120 mins). A drama about a woman (Lee Remick) who faces a harrowing fight to rediscover her personal identity when her husband of 15 years announces that he is leaving her and their children to search for the indefinable joy he feels he is missing from his life. Subsequently a one-hour pilot called “Tom and JoAnn” was aired (with Elizabeth Ashley and Joel Fabiani) to test the waters for a prospective series. Emmy Award nominations went to director Delbert Mann and to Loring Mandel for his teleplay.

Production Company Time-Life Television. Director Delbert Mann. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producer Frederick Brogger. Teleplay Loring Mandel. Photography Gil Taylor. Music Walt Levinsky. Editor Gene Milford. Art Director Ben Edwards. Associate Producer Diana Kerew.

Cast Lee Remick (JoAnn Hammil), Granville Van Dusen (Tom Hammil), Vicky Dawson (Amy Hammil), David Stambaugh (T.C. Hammil), Fred J. Scollay (Tony), Stephen Joyce (Gabe), Cynthia Harris (Edie), Michael Lombard (Ira), Meg Mundy (Louise Crawford), Ed Crowley (George), Linda Sorensen (Mickey), Kenneth McMillan (Vancrier), James Noble (Haberle), Bruce Gray (Vic), Lois Markle (Toby), Jill Andre (Alice), Frank Latimore (Robert Crawford).

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