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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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(ABC, 9/5/1979 and 9/7/1979, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). Six buddies spend the summer together at a Malibu beach house after each has separated from his wife at about the same time. This two-part four-hour film, exploring separation and divorce from the man’s point of view, took its title from the Neil Sedaka-Howard Greenfield song, and subsequently was edited down to a single-part three-hour movie.

Production Companies Green-Epstein Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Lou Antonio. Producers Allen Epstein, Jim Green. Teleplay James Henerson. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music Gerald Fried. Theme song by Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield. Theme song performed by Neil Sedaka. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director John Beckman, Ross Bellah. Main Title Design Sandy Dvore.

Cast Ted Bessell (Pete McCann), Jeff Conaway (Roy Fletcher), Robert Conrad (Frank Scapa), Billy Crystal (Danny Doyle), Tony Musante (Sal Falcone), David Ogden Stiers (Howard Freed), Bonnie Franklin (Gail Tobin), Susan Sullivan (Diane Sealey), Jim Antonio (Dr. Zowicki), Lane Bradbury (Ruth Doyle), Molly Cheek (Kate), George Gaynes (Wylie), Elaine Giftos (Tina Scapa), Bridger Hanley (Laura McCann), Marcy Hanson (Francie), Jennifer Perito (Sally), Fred Sadoff (Lou Hecksher), Trish Stewart (Leslie Toland), Barrie Youngfellow (Jan Fletcher), Lisa Lambert (Coops McCann), Lola Mason (Lacey), Leigh Hamilton (Gloria Freed), Robert Ellenstein (Van Alden), Kevin Brando (Bruce Freed), Angela Lee (Connie Freed), Michael P. Alan (Danny Doyle Jr.), Scott Mellini (Wayne), Kimberly Woodward (Becky Fletcher), Joey Nagy (Kevin Doyle), Walt Davis (TV director), Norman Field (Bartender), Dee Dee Rescher (Ginger), Maxine Stuart (Gracie), Hanna Hertelendy (Violet), Janice Karman (Beth), Frances Fong (Nurse Grant), Robin T Williams (Jennifer), Mel Gallagher (Maitre d’), Walker Edmiston (Laura’s father), Jean Le Bouvier (Laura’s mother), Colleen Kelly (Patti), William Wheatley (Dr. Leigh).

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