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Brian's Song

jack sayers player piccolo

(ABC, 11/30/1971, 120 mins). One of the most critically acclaimed of all made for TV movies, this was a finely told and acted story of Brian Piccolo, running back for the Chicago Bears, his lasting rivalry and friendship with fellow player Gale Sayers, and his losing battle with cancer. The film was an Emmy winner as Best Dramatic Program (1971-72), and Emmy awards also were given to William Blinn for his teleplay and to Jack Warden for his performance as Coach Halas. James Caan and Billy Dee Williams also were nominated. The title theme by Michel Legrand has become a standard. Columbia Pictures later released the film theatrically, with a major premiere in Chicago, but withdrew it because of lack of business (virtually everybody had already seen it for free on television).

Production Companies Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Producer Paul Witt. Teleplay William Blinn. Based on a Book by Gale Sayers, Al Silverman. Photography Joseph Biroc. Music Michel Legrand. Editor Bud S. Isaacs. Art Director Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Tony Thomas.

Cast James Caan (Brian Piccolo), Billy Dee Williams (Gale Sayers), Jack Warden (Coach George Halas), Shelley Fabares (Joy Piccolo), Judy Pace (Linda Sayers), Bernie Casey (J.C. Caroline), David Huddleston (Ed McCaskey), Ron Feinberg (Doug Atkins), Jack Concannon (Himself), Abe Gibron (Himself), Ed O’Bradovich (Himself), Dick Butkus (Himself), Mario J Machado (1st reporter), Bud Furillo (2nd reporter), Stu Nahan (Speaker), Happy Hairston (Veteran player), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Roommate), Jim Boeke (Veteran player), Larry Delaney (Dr. Fox), Stephen Coit (Mr. Eberle), Doreen Lang (1st nurse), Jennifer Kulik (2nd nurse), Allen A Secher (Hotel man), Jack Wells (Toastmaster), The Chicago Bears (Themselves).

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