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Brink's: The Great Robbery

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(CBS, 3/26/1976, 120 mins). The third film in Quinn Martin’s productions from the annals of the FBI re-creates the infamous January 17, 1950 Brink’s Incorporated robbery in Boston involving the theft of $2,750,000 and the Bureau’s dogged pursuit of the perpetrators, whose names were changed for this movie in the traditional protection of their privacy.

Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Marvin J. Chomsky. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Philip Saltzman. Supervising Producer Russell Stoneham. Teleplay Robert W. Lenski. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Jerry Young. Art Director Richard Y. Haman.

Cast Carl Betz (Paul Jackson), Stephen Collins (Agent Donald Nash), Burr DeBenning (Ernie Heideman), Michael V. Gazzo (Mario Russo), Cliff Gorman (Danny Conforti), Darren McGavin (James McNally), Art Metrano (Julius Mareno), Leslie Nielsen (Agent Norman Houston), Jenny O’Hara (Maggie Hefner), Bert Remsen (Ted Flynn), Jerry Douglas (Dennis Fisher), Laurence Haddon (Det. Russ Shannon), Philip Kenneally (Les Hayes), Byron Mabe (Jerry Carter), Barney Phillips (Thomas Preston), Amzie Strickland (Neighbor Lady), Frank Borone (Bill Shadix), David Brandon (Robert Bloch), Hank Brandt (Lt. Lorin Pope), Dort Clark (Stoughton Cop), Nick Ferris (Doctor), Mary LaRoche (Betty Houston), Terry Lumley (Sherry), Stuart Nisbet (Pennsylvania Police Chief), John Perak (Dave Stanley), Artie Spain (Donald O’Leary), Marvin Miller (Narrator).

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