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Brock's Last Case

series henry taylor producer

(NBC, 3/5/1973, 120 mins). A comedy drama about a New York cop who retires to his small ranch in the West and is reluctantly drawn into a local case of an Indian accused of killing a sheriff with a bow and arrow. This pilot for a series that never materialized looked suspiciously like a reworking of “McCloud” in reverse. Pilot to be a prospective series.

Production Companies Talent Associates, Norton Simon Inc., Universal Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producer Leonard B. Stern. Producer Roland Kibbee. Teleplay Alex Gordon, Martin Donaldson. Photography Russell Metty. Music Charles Gross. Music Supervisor Hal Mooney. Editor Frank Morriss. Art Director John E. Chilberg II.

Cast Richard Widmark (Lt. Max Brock), Henry Darrow (Arthur Goldencorn), Beth Brickell (Ellen Ashley), David Huddleston (Jack Dawson), Henry Beckman (Jake Hinkley), Will Geer (J. Smiley Krenshaw), John Anderson (Joe Cuspis), Michael Burns (Stretch Willis), Pat Morita (Sam Wong), Victor Mohica (Red-Eye), Jean Allison (Alma Gamm), Vaughn Taylor (Doc Walters), Dub Taylor (Judge Robbins), Rudy Bond (McNutty), Richard Hale (Hathaway), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Henderson), Hal K. Dawson (Mr. Henderson), Barry Miller (Staats), Andy Albin (Storekeeper), Carolyn Stellar (Dispatcher).

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