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Brotherhood of the Bell

robert william paterson jerry

(CBS, 9/17/1970, 120 mins). Glenn Ford and Rosemary Forsyth both made their TV acting debuts in this tale of a successful professor who is presented with a due bill from a club he had joined years earlier—a secret society whose power to achieve monetary and professional security for its members is equaled only by its determination to punish those standing in its way. His job now is to prevent a longtime colleague and friend from a Communist bloc country from accepting a professorship.

Production Company Cinema Center 100. Director Paul Wendkos. Executive Producer Hugh Benson. Producer David Karp. Teleplay David Karp. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director William Craig Smith.

Cast Glenn Ford (Prof. Andrew Paterson), Rosemary Forsyth (Vivian Paterson), Dean Jagger (Chad Harmon), Maurice Evans (Harry Masters), Will Geer (Mike Paterson), Eduard Franz (Dr. Konstantin Horvathy), William Conrad (Bart Harris), Robert Pine (Philip Dunning), William Smithers (Jerry Fielder), Logan Field (Thaddeus Burns), Lizabeth Hush (Betty Fielder), James McEachin, Leon Lontoc, Dabney Coleman, Virginia Gilmore, Joe Brooks, Robert Clarke, Marc Hannibal, Scott Graham.

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