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The Cable Car Murder

robert fred associate van

(CBS, 11/19/1971, 90 mins). A syndicate contract killing in broad daylight of a shipping tycoon’s son on a San Francisco cable car leads two police detectives into a complex search for the killer, involving a drug kingpin, the victim’s sister, a family business associate, the dead man’s physician friend, and the impatient captain of police. This pilot film for a series that was to have starred Robert Hooks, Jeremy Slate and Simon Oakland never went beyond the telefeature stage. The movie subsequently was titled “Cross Current” and shown in a two-hour version.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Jerry Thorpe. Producer E Jack Neuman. Teleplay Herman Miller. Photography Fred J. Koenekamp. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editors Alex Beaton, John W. Holmes. Art Director Bill Malley. Associate Producer Lloyd Richards.

Cast Robert Hooks (Insp. Lou Van Alsdale), Jeremy Slate (Sgt. Pat Cassady), Robert Wagner (Howard McBride), Carol Lynley (Kathy Cooper), Simon Oakland (Capt. E.J. Goodlad), José Ferrer (Dr. Charles Bedford), John Randolph (Frederick D. Cooper), Don Pedro Colley (Fred Trench), Joyce Jameson (Lulu), Wesley Lau (Inspector Poole), James McEachin (Don Cope), Lawrence Cook (Harold Britten), H.B. Haggerty (J.P. Moose), Ta-Tanisha (Rainie Lewis), Milton Stewart (Ernie Deeds), Mario Van Peebles (Rafael), Fred Carson (Victor Shoddy), Marian Collier (Surgical Nurse), Ta-Ronce Allen (Lilly), Jarrod Wong (Ben).

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